What  if the Earth had multiple suns?, Feb 02 - Feb 04, 2024
Igigo Wu, Metabolism, 2024
Tsz Hei Fung, Here, There, My Doppelgänger, 2023
Xi Jie Wang, Artist at Work (UTC+08:00), 2024
Ni Daodao, The Stomach tells the Truth, 2023
Selected material in collaboration with Gary Zhexi Zhang
Ma Pak Yin Momo, Another Ordinary Day, 2024
Lucy Ho Tsz long, I forgot what is normal, 2024
SueJin Hong, Ready-0, 2022
Christoph Brünggel, Turbulent Currents - Douro, 2022
Marilin Brun, Fast endlose Menge von Kreisenzersplittert, 2021
Yassine Rachidi, Prayer for a Junk Mail, 2022
Zaineb Lassoued, Shortcircuiting into The Void, 2024